The Only 3 Bags You Need


The only thing a woman seems to love almost as much as shoes are bags.But the truth is, this is not the era of matching our bags with our shoes so there’s really no longer a reason  to be storing a dozen different handbags in your closet. It’s time to pull them all out and re-assess the situation.

So in honor of sustainability, minimalism, and simplifying your life, we’d like to get down to the nitty-gritty basics and go with the concept that there are really only three bags that every woman needs.

1. The Day Bag

This bag goes with you to and from work and a dozen places in between. It’s going to get the most action, so if ever there was a piece to invest in, this is it. This bag should have a bit of structure, not too slouchy. A lot of people think that black is the only way to go here, but a neutral or grey can be just as versatile if not more. This is the bag you’ll use for years to com and if you find one you like, get it. Make it good and it’ll last.

Forking over $800 for a Louis Vuitton bag or over $5,000 for a Hermès Kelly bag may seem highly extravagant, but when the cost is amortized over several decades of use, the bag’s price tag may seem more reasonable.

2. The Evening Bag
This bag serves the function of making you look chic and effortless when you go out at night. It should be just big enough to hold your lipstick, phone, keys, and maybebusiness cards– you never know who you will meet while out. This bag offers function first, form as an after thought. Don’t let it upstage your look.
We recommend the very unique architecturally sophisticated bag by feNa.a64739113ce10e5ab036e4_l

Designer Kellyn Timmerman says all the styles are named after something positive and powerful, but also something special to be passed to each person carrying a feNa. This one is called the COURAGEOUS (in domino). You can use it as a clutch, a top handle bag, a shoulder bag, and you can use the gorgeous removable chain as a single long necklace, a double wrap necklace, a multi-wrap bracelet, or a belt–now that’s function. Vote for this bag for Top 6 with American Made by Martha Stewart and you may win a free bag.

3. The Simple Tote aka The Shopper78dbc8486a385ee4_SBush6712.xxxlarge_1

This is the bag you use to take on the weekends to an exercise class or to the farmers’ market in lieu of a plastic bag. This is the bag you’ll take while traveling, as it easily fits books, magazines, or your  laptop. It doubles as diaper bag, beach bag, or something to take to classes.