Five Friends Travel Around the Country to Create an ‘Epidemic of Kindness’


Their goal may sound simple, but actually achieving something as widespread as a so-called “epidemic of kindness” isn’t so easy.

Luckily, these five friends, part of a non-profit called ARK Project Now, are up the task. Their names are Alex, Dalton, Ted, Jesse and Jake and they’ve been travelling around the nation committing random acts of kindness.

One of their more frequenty-used acts of kindness is to hand out two flowers to strangers. One flower, they explain, is for that person. The other is for them to pass onto someone else — an epidemic of kindness, indeed!

“Kindness communicates value, so no matter how small or large an act, it communicates value to people,” Ted explains. “And that’s really what we want to show through our project. That we value people and we love people.”

20 year-old Alex Radelitch started the project after his first semester at Purdue University. Once he’d come up with the idea, he was so inspired he dropped out of school to pursue his new brainchild full-time.

Their noble cross-country voyage was funded by Kind Snacks, who gave them $10,000 to spread their message. Since receiving the generous grant, they’ve given out the aforementioned flowers, along with free ice cream and care packages for the homeless. They even visited the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha to cook dinner for families staying in long term housing.

In one touching case, they treated a family, the McGees, to a shopping spree for their son Caden, who was born with severe heart and lung conditions.

“Random acts of kindness are rare than they should be,” said Caden’s mother.

The guys of ARK Project  Now completed their 6,000 mile journey this past weekend, but their quest to spread kindness is far from over. You can visit their website for more information.