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10 Gift Ideas for the Stylish Man

It’s not too late ladies, we’ve got you covered this holiday season. If you know a great guy who needs a great gift, here are some amazing accessories for men, that no man would turn his nose up at.

Amazing Gift Guide – All USA Made

With so much manufacturing happening outside the United States, it’s become a serious challenge to find really cool gifts that are also made in this country. Fortunately, there’s a great site called True to US, where they feature a curated collection of great US Made products you’ll be proud to give as gifts while also supporting American… Read more »

Butter Me Up: DIY Body Butter

The fall and winter months bring about a drop in temperatures and an increase in problems for those who struggle with dry skin. This at-home body butter can relieve even the scaliest, driest of skin conditions.

The Best Hair Conditioner Recipe for Taming Your Mane

To help your locks finally reach their full potential, you may want to consider treating your hair to the TLC it deserves with this deep conditioner you can make from ingredients you probably already have hanging out in your kitchen.