Bikini Wax steps

Get Summer Ready: Easy Bikini Wax at Home


Summer is here, and most women will find themselves in some kind of swimsuit. As painful as it is, and you may not look forward to doing it, we all want it done. Most ladies aren’t excited about having little pubic friends popping out for the world to see. Whether the carpet matches the curtains is a secret best left to those whom we love and trust.

Delving into the nether-world of bikini waxing isn’t for the faint of heart. ┬áChallenging as it may be though, ┬ámost women feel it’s better to face the challenge of doing a their bikini wax at home.

Here’s our 6 essential tips for giving yourself a great at-home bikini wax.

1. Prep the skin: Cleanse first with a damp washcloth or a cotton pad soaked in toner. Sprinkle your skin with a fragrance-free baby powder. Making sure your skin is dry.

2. Position yourself as comfortably as possible: Sit down on an old towel in front of a full-length mirror with your legs spread, and one bent knee–make sure one foot is touching the inside of your opposite knee.

3. Heat Wax: Test the temp on the inside of your wrist first. It should feel warm and be the consistency of honey. Dip the applicator tip in the tub and dole out a thin, inch-long layer of wax.

4. Apply: Start at the bent leg’s inner thigh. Spread wax in the direction of the hair growth covering a one-by-three-inch area. Place a muslin strip over wax, and press down.

5. Remove: Pull skin taugh with one hand, then quickly yank the strip back in the opposite direction with other hand. Repeat along each side of the bikini line, then finish with the top.

6. Clean up: Straighten uneven edges with a small bit of wax, and tweeze the strays. Remove excess wax with baby oil, wipe skin with a damp cloth and apply an aloe-based lotion or gel.