This Important Anti-Obesity PSA Will Rock You To Your Core


The Public Service Announcement by the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta above is a reminder of how unhealthy childhood eating habits can turn into a life long battle against obesity.

The video shows a man in his mid-thirties who is rushed to the ER while suffering a heart attack. The viewer then gets a glimpse into the events that led up to the moment, as the video rewinds and chronicles through all the bad habits, red flags and signs that occurred over the  mans life. The very last event the audience sees is one of the first one the patient experienced as a baby: his mother feeding him unhealthy food in an attempt to soothe his crying and fussiness.

It’s an eye opening ad and reminds parents to think twice about what they put into their children’s hands and mouths during their formative years. It can mean the difference between a happy healthy life and an unfortunate, untimely death.

Check out the video and let us know what you think!