Couple Fined For Following State Water Conservation Regulations


Apparently, in California, the grass is always greener.  In fact, you’ll get fined if it isn’t.

One couple found out that sometimes it’s impossible to win. They were fined by the city for their water conservation in a state facing a water crisis!

California has urged its citizens to conserve water and created increased water waste regulations in the face of a three-year drought. To comply, Michael Korte and Laura Whitney-Korte of Glendora reduced the water used on their lawn to comply with the state’s water regulations.

Their water-saving efforts were met with a letter from the city, and the threat of fines and legal action for having a brown front lawn that made their neighborhood look bad.

The letter from Glendora’s code enforcement team cited the yard as a “potential public nuisance problem,” according to a report from the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

“It is telling me I’d better get my lawn green and I have 60 days to do it,” said Laura Whitney-Korte.

This bizarre catch-22 comes on the heels of Gov. Jerry Brown’s call to reduce water usage by 20 percent, and fines of up to $500 can be issued for water waste from landscaping and over-watering.

“We are trying to balance that line between water conservation and neighborhood integrity,” said Glendora City Manager Chris Jeffers. Jeffers voiced concern for maintaining community property values.

The couple is trying to avoid paying fines to City Hall, but have yet to hear back from the city about what they should do.