Cute & Funny Articles

Word of the Week: Philanthropuppy

NOUN: A cute or adorable young canine that devotes itself to making humans smile, thus bringing happiness into society and creating a better world.

Word of the Week: Hashhag

Hashhag (Noun) – 1. A gender-neutral phrase for a person who uses too many hashtags within a Twitter message.

Word of the Week: Twocan

Twocan (noun) – A person who speaks very loudly on a mobile phone, as though she were actually using two tin cans attached by a string, rather than a sophisticated piece of technology.

Word of the Week: Peeoccupied

(Adjective) – Unable to focus on anything going on around you because you are completely engrossed with having to pee very badly.

Word of the Week: Hasbian

NOUN – A woman who was in a lesbian relationship in the past, but who is now in a relationship with a man.