Cute & Funny Articles

Word of the Week: Wideo

(noun) A woman who has lost her husband due to his obsession with his DVR, Netflix, video games or similar device.

Word of the Week: Manties

noun – Men’s underwear that the buyer believes will look sexy, but which actually look like lady underpants.

Word of the Week: Spamatozoa

(noun) Emails from annoying people that you don’t want to open for fear they’ll cause a sticky situation or gross you out emotionally / physically.

Word of the Week: Passhole

(Noun) – A driver who performs a particularly stupid, mean or contemptible move to either cut you off or desperately get ahead of you in traffic.

Word of the Week: Bluetool

Bluetool (noun) – A person who thinks he is so important that he will wear a Bluetooth headset everywhere he goes no matter how inappropriate the location or situation, such as in a public restroom or while on a date.

Word of the Week: Shoepidity

Shoepidity (noun) – The state, quality, or fact of being so stupid that you will wear ridiculously uncomfortable shoes simply because they look absolutely fabulous.