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WATCH: Formerly Deaf Toddler Hears Music for the First Time


Music is an amazing thing, and it’s likely no one knows it better than this toddler.

Young Montreal-resident Auguste Majkowski got his first taste of music this past weekend, and it’s safe to say he loved it, judging by the look of pure glee on his face. That’s not even to say anything of his dance moves.

Majkowski was born deaf, but recently had his hearing restored thanks to a recent procedure — an experimental brain stem implant he underwent in June. A team of California doctors performed the rare operation, and the results, to say the least, have been dramatic. You can see the proof above, as young Auguste enjoys the music without reservations.

His mother, Sophie Gareau, discovered the study via a similar viral video of another toddler hearing his father’s voice for the first time. She managed to contact the California doctors that were more than willing to help her son.

Gareau, in her status above, writes that she hoped “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” would be the first song Auguste heard, but instead it was “Ma Baker” by Boney M. She was still satisfied — it would be hard not to be looking at that face.