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5 Different Uses for Scarves That Are Fun And Creative


Of all the many gifts we women get, a scarf is probably the most multi-purpose. Having made something of a revival as of late, the lovely accessory is as unparalleled in relevance to a flattering pair of trousers, a beautifully tailored jacket, or a stunning dress—like a diamond, the scarf never goes out of style.

Scarves are practical. They can keep you warm in cold climates, covered and modest in some necessary religious settings, and chic-up any look. They’re commonly seen on both men and women around the globe and for young and old have become something of a staple in the last few centuries.

The scarf can be traced back to Ancient Rome, where it was not used to keep warm, but to keep clean. It was called the sudarium, which translates from Latin to English as a “sweat cloth”, used to wipe the sweat from the neck and face in hot weather.

Here’s a few ideas for those of you old-school scarf wearers, who’ve stopped at wearing them around your neck and never thought about the many different uses for scarves —

1. The scarf as bracelet or watchband. This works especially well of your scarf is smaller or thinner, but it can really change your look, and even make a traditionally small watch appear more bold and chunky.

scaves as watchbands

2. Belt it up. Admittedly, I’m not a fan of most leather belts. I find then stiff and uncomfortable–but that’s just me. I love alternating a regular belt look with that of a silk scarf. I think it looks both feminine and can be worn in a variety of styles.

3. Your head never looked better. Whether it’s because your riding in a hot convertible car or you’re having a really bad hair day, scarves are a beautiful addition to any hairstyle. Immediately giving you everything from the classic Jackie O look, to hip and retro 40’s “Rosy the riveter” style, both timeless and very sexy.scarves in hair

4. Hang if from your bag. This is especially helpful when traveling. It looks attractive and is there to help keep you warm on cold planes or dress up a travel scarves on your bagweary outfit.

5. Go traditional. There are literally limitless ways of wearing a scarf around your neck. From a bow tie, to a layered knot, to a simple slip knot, or neck rosette–these fabric gems are fashionable and functional, and pretty much look great any way you tie them.