Meet the Boy Who Helped His Disabled Brother Complete a Triathlon


8 year-old Noah Aldrich and his 6 year-old brother Lucas do everything together, so why wouldn’t they run a triathlon together on top of it all?

Young Lucas was born with lissencephaly, a rare brain malformation that prevents the brains from developing folds, rendering him unable to walk, talk, or even eat on his own. But Noah has still been his diligent companion through their young lives, helping him with everything he does.

They watch television together, ride bikes together, go for walks around the neighborhood together, and just recently, they reached a new milestone together when Noah completed a triathlon with his little brother in tow the entire time. The triathlon, of course, included running:


Followed by biking:


and finally, and most impressively, swimming.



Once they’d completed the race together, both brothers were thrilled.

“When we got (Lucas) out of the water, he had the biggest grin that you would have ever seen,” said the boys’ mother. “I know he enjoyed the bike and the run.”

Perhaps the most touching part about the boys’ relationship, though, is what Noah had to say about his younger brother.

“I like everything about him,” he said. “He’s perfect.”

It’s safe to say that these two brothers are lucky to have each other.