Dog Faints with Excitement after Seeing Owner for the First Time in Two Years


Everyone loves a good reunion video, like soldiers returning home or long-distance lovers seeing each other after being apart for a long period of time. Emotions run high and it makes us tear up shamelessly. Similarly, this video of a dog’s reaction to seeing his owner will make you reach for the tissues.

After living in Slovenia for two years, Rebecca Ehault did not know how her pet schnauzer, Casey was going to react when she returned to Pennsylvania to visit her parents. She probably thought there was going to be some face licking and some tail wagging.

But nobody was prepared for what actually happened when they saw each other again.

In the viral video that has garnered over half a million views in a little over a day, you can see Casey was so overcome with emotion that he started squealing with joy after greeting Ehault. He then proceeded to wobble shortly after and fainted for a few seconds before struggling to get to back on his feet.

For those concerned about the high-pitched noises Casey makes in the video, that it is apparently normal for their breed.

“Anyone who’s familiar with the breed knows they’re a little higher pitched,” Ehault’s sister, Rachel Abbett, told

Although Casey has never fainted before, the YouTube description assures viewers that the dog had been taken to the vet and “everything is fine.”

Check out the video above.