Who Knew Engraved Rolling Pins Could Be Beautiful?


A rolling pin is about function. It’s just a plain implement to fill a specific baking need — at least usually.

Zuzia Kozerska, however, doesn’t see it that way. The polish designer has created a series of laser engraved rolling pins featuring a series of neat patterns that are sure to spice up (pun not intended) any baked dish.


Each pin is made from beech wood, measuring 16.5 inches long and 2.36 inches in diameter. Zuzia is one of many of the classy entrepreneurs and craft-makers on Etsy, and she offers custom-engraved rolling pins through her page, for an extra fee of course.

The rolling pins run around $50 while the custom-made ones for for $150. That might seem pricey, but it basically turns any of your cookies into miniature works of art. And it doesn’t only apply to cookies — the rolling pins can be used for cakes, pasta, sugar frosting, dumplings, or even clay for your own personal, less delicious art projects.

More photos of the engraved rolling pins below.

custom-engraved-rolling-pins-by-zuzia-kozerska-1 custom-engraved-rolling-pins-by-zuzia-kozerska-3 custom-engraved-rolling-pins-by-zuzia-kozerska-4 custom-engraved-rolling-pins-by-zuzia-kozerska-5 custom-engraved-rolling-pins-by-zuzia-kozerska-6 custom-engraved-rolling-pins-by-zuzia-kozerska-7 custom-engraved-rolling-pins-by-zuzia-kozerska-8


custom-engraved-rolling-pins-by-zuzia-kozerska-10 custom-engraved-rolling-pins-by-zuzia-kozerska-11 custom-engraved-rolling-pins-by-zuzia-kozerska-12 custom-engraved-rolling-pins-by-zuzia-kozerska-13