Goody Two-Shoes: Learn How to Make Shoes Last Forever


There comes a time in every woman’s life when she wants to know how to make shoes last forever. It usually happens right after you find that perfect pair, the ones that both look and feel amazing.

It makes sense. The last thing any well-dressed lady needs is to have her dream pumps or hip kicks become worn-down before their time. No matter how expensive or affordable the shoe, without taking care of them properly they will break down fairly quickly destroying your hard-earned investment.

The facts and tips below are ways to help you look after and even extend the life of your beloved shoes. You’re welcome.

1.Visit the Shoe-Repair Store

When you first purchase a pair of shoes don’t hit the streets right away. Instead, head to a shoe repair specialist before you start wearing them. This shoe-guru will be able to waterproof your shoes and add rubber taps to the heel/front tip of the sole. Since these two areas are where most of the pressure is applied, the rubber taps act as shock absorbers between the ground and your shoe, and will help your shoes slow down the natural wear and tear.

Too busy to drop of your new shoes? Buy some waterproof shoe spray and treat them yourself.

2. Leave Some Wiggle Room

When it comes to choosing a shoe size, don’t pass up a fabulous pair just because they are a bit too loose or snug. Many shoe repair experts have stretching machines and materials that can increase the length and width of your shoes or tighten up the fit. Although, if you’re out shopping and you can slip your finger into the heel, they’re probably too large

3. Pass on Those Tired Pumps

Whatever you do, don’t buy shoes just so you can spend money to fix them. Buying a great pair of vintage shoes may seem like a quirky, hipster thing to do at the time, but it’s totally not worth it in the long run, when they’ll endlessly need repair. Worn-in soles and dried out leather will make them nearly impossible to affordably restore.

4. Skip the Gel Inserts

At first, gel shoe-pads may feel comfortable — especially on swollen feet — but they aren’t the way to go. The material will eventually break down and deteriorate, leaving you with a scarcity of cushion between the sole and your foot.

5. Weather Proof Those Puppies

If you happen to live in a rainy or snowy climate, it’s a good idea to give your shoes a spritz of water repellent from time to time. Sprays with nanotechnology have fine particles in the mist that will ensure you don’t over-spray your shoes. This will give leather shoes the opportunity to breathe, as well as retain their texture. Try starting out with spot testing to see if the spray stains the material.

If your shoes happen to be dirty, make sure to clean them before using the spray. Suede and leather can be easily cleaned using a soft sponge or cloth along with specific cleaners designed for the material.

6. Use Shoe Bags

There’s a reason your shoes came with their own storage case. By doing this, you can easily prevent structural damage between wears. Storing them in hot or dry places, like plastic bins or sunny areas, will only cause leather to dry and crack. You can also try using leather conditioner to preserve the materials integrity.

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