4-Year-Old Boy Offers Daily Tribute to Deceased Dad That Will Warm Your Heart


After his father’s death, four-year-old Dylan Mummery from Leicester, England, created a memory box to keep a connection with him.

Jon Mummery passed away in March at the age of 41 from cystic fibrosis, while waiting for a double lung transplant. Ever since, Dylan has been putting sketches of his father into the memory box, as well as photographs and tickets from places his family went to. When he isn’t drawing his dad, he paints pictures related to the funeral, calling it “daddy’s grave field.”

The boy’s mother, Issy, encourages her son to draw pictures every day to help him preserve the memory of Jon. She sees it as a positive method to cope with the tragedy and created a meaningful tribute to deceased dad. Issy said:

4 year old

Dylan and Jon were incredibly close, they were always with one another. When Jon died he started drawing pictures of his dad every day, it’s amazing to see the memories they shared. They loved drawing pictures and painting together, I would often tell Jon off for drawing all over Dylan’s pictures as I wanted them to be his own. I wish I hadn’t now as it’s a nice link between them.

Issy further explained that she was always open with Dylan about Jon’s illness, and they would visit the hospital every day. However, nobody believed he would die.

Issy still wants to preserve her late husband’s memory beyond the box, so she decided that every Christmas and birthday she will give Dylan one of Jon’s possessions.

The Mummery family have also started fundraising money for the cystic fibrosis ward in Glenfield Hospital, Leicester.

“Our situation highlighted the need to raise awareness about organ donation, and I want to raise money because of the amazing care Jon received,” said Issy. “I hope more people sign up to the organ transplant list once reading our story, if there were more donors Jon would be here today.”