WATCH: The Rescued Fox That Thinks She’s a Dog


Meet Dawn, a resident of the┬áNuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary. She’s only one of six foxes living in the shelter, and none of them can be returned to the wild, unfortunately.

But don’t get too down about that, because Dawn seems perfectly happy if the above video is any indication. While most animals that come into the sanctuary are simply injured and can be returned to the wild once they’ve been healed, Dawn’s case is a bit different.

When she was young, a woman found her and, believing her to be a dog, raised her as such. So when she dropped Dawn off at the animal shelter, they knew she couldn’t survive as a wild animal in nature.

For whatever it’s worth, Dawn certainly acts like a domestic dog. Whether it’s because of how she was raised or her natural temperament, we can’t say. We can only marvel at how adorable it is to watch her play with Geoff, one of the wildlife sanctuary workers. She rolls over, wags her tail, an even licks his face affectionately.

Dawn is an exception to the normal rule, which is, of course, that foxes are wild animals, and not meant to be kept as pets. But we can dream.