Young Girl Dies, Donates Heart — 64 Year-Old Recipient Vows to Fulfill Her Dreams


Twenty-one year-old Kristina Chesterman was tragically killed by a drunk driver while riding home on her bicycle. Her parents were, of course, unbearably distraught, but they discovered something while searching through Kristina’s belongings that gave her death that much more impact.

A bucket list.

Thanks to her list, Kristina’s dreams will live on in a new form. For she was an organ donor, and her organs have possibly saved the lives of several people since her death. Most notably, her heart went to 64 year-old Susan Vieira. Kristina’s mother met Susan, and said she felt an “instant connection.”

Inspired by Kristina’s bucket list, Vieira has vowed to try to complete as many items on it as possible, while the 21 year-old’s heart still beats on in her chest. Even if Kristina can’t live on, it’s comforting to know that her dreams may still be fulfilled in some form or another.

Some of the items on Kristina’s list include:

  • Manage or own my own business
  • Get married
  • Have kids
  • Learn to fly a plane
  • Go to 4/7 Wonders of the the World
  • Fly first class on a plane
  • Visit the 50 states
  • Ride in a hot air balloon
  • Go parachuting
  • Go skydiving
  • Ride a camel
  • Travel to all the continents
  • Be remembered as the “smiley girl”
  • Break up a fight btwn [sic] 2 guys over me
  • Run through a poppy field
  • Tour Niagara Falls
  • Go to the Smithsonian
  • Drive Rt. 66

Beyond Susan, thousands have begun completing the items on Kristina’s bucket list in tribute to the young woman, according to CBS News.