Gun Wielding Grandma Protects House From Repeat Robbers


A 63-year-old grandmother had no hesitations when it came to protecting her house and granddaughter from bold repeat burglars.

Fed up by having been burglarized before, Phyllis Law took justice into her own hands when she heard the sounds of a break-in at her home.

She told her granddaughter to hide in a closet, while she grabbed her 9mm handgun and an extra clip. She then got down the floor of her living room and waited.

β€œHe just comes strolling, walking around,” she told Fox 10. She said the alleged robber must have been in her house before, as he seemed familiar with the lights and layout of the house.

β€œI jumped up and just start shooting,” she said.

She hit the suspect in the head, but he reportedly survived the encounter. A second suspect was arrested nearby.

Law has boarded up her windows in an attempt to thwart further burglary.