Breast Cancer Awareness Articles

A THC Twist on Espresso Gelato

There are already a variety of ways medical marijuana patients can ingest pot. Some smoke it, take it in pill form or choose to eat it in things like smoothies, cookies and even ice-cream.

Beware the Ribbon: Why Your Breast Cancer Donations May Not Help

If you decide to buy an item that you believe is doing great things in the world of breast cancer research or treatment, or even a cure, make absolute sure it’s not something that’s putting something potentially toxic or cancer-causing into the environment.

Facing Your Breast Cancer Recurrance Fears

You wouldn’t be human if you weren’t scared. Fear of breast cancer (especially during the Pink Month) has every woman a bit jittery, but for those who’ve fought it, anxiety can feel as if it’s taking over their lives.

Caregivers – Take Care of Yourself!

Caring for a sick friend or relative over a long period of time — whether they have cancer, Alzheimer’s, or any other ailment — is a great and noble thing. The problem is that it can also take a toll on your health. Here are some ways to handle that.

Breast Cancer Stories: BRCA 2 Meant Removing My Healthy Breasts

Breast Cancer Stories: BRCA 2 Meant Removing My Healthy Breasts

Back in 2003 everyone thought I was completely crazy to remove my breasts when I did not have cancer. The thing was, I watched my mother die of the disease. I was not going to wait to get it and then have my kids watch. I fought it.