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Tips From A 91-Year-Old on How to Live Longer

Meet Deborah Szekely (pronounced SAY-Kay), the co-founder of the Rancho La Puerta (recently named 2013’s #1 World’s Best Destination Spa by Travel + Leisure Magazine) and the Golden Door spas. She’s 91 years young, and when she appears at a talk, she’s sprightlier than many women half her age.

A THC Twist on Espresso Gelato

There are already a variety of ways medical marijuana patients can ingest pot. Some smoke it, take it in pill form or choose to eat it in things like smoothies, cookies and even ice-cream.

Why the Heck Would Someone Become a Vegan?

According to a recent Vegetarian Times study, 7.3 million Americans are vegetarians — with one million of the 7.3 living as vegans. So what exactly does ‘being a vegan’ mean?  It’s someone who thinks a bit outside of the box, has extreme discipline, and doesn’t eat a very long list of things: animal products, eggs,… Read more »