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The Dangers of CrossFit Exposed

Considering CrossFit to get into ultimate shape? Before you jump into action, it’s vital that you understand the dangers of CrossFit.

Women’s Health Issues – Your 2014 Guideline

Women’s health issues are always changing, but no one can be more responsible for your health more than you. So, going into a new year, we hope you’ll keep in mind all of the important guidelines. We’ve tried to make it a bit easier with some lists and even a graph. Your 2014 guideline for… Read more »

Juice Vs. Eggnog for the Holidays?

This is the time of year where food and drink are the stars of the season. Options and choices abound, and poor folks who watch their waistlines are confronted with eggnog and fig butter, apple pie and roast beef, cheese plates and dips, cookies and cocktails. Oh my. Some people are turning to a more… Read more »