Teen’s Genius New Invention Could Prevent Hot Car Deaths


On average, 44 children lose their lives every year after being left unattended in hot vehicles. In 2014 alone, 16 children have died in hot car related incidents — including a recent one in which a nine-month-old baby girl was left in a hot pickup truck and suffered a fatal heat stroke.

To help combat and reduce these preventable tragedies, 17-year-old Alisa Chavez has been working to develop a genius new product.

“The Hot Seat” is an alarm system that can be attached to any car seat. When a child has been left behind in a vehicle and the caregiver is about 40ft away, the alarm makes a sound to notify them. Such an invention could reduce or even completely end accidental hot car deaths from occurring.

According to Chavez’s Indiegogo site, which she is using to raise funds for a prototype, being around children at her mother’s childcare business was a big driving force for her to develop the product.

“My inspiration [for] ‘The Hot Seat’ has come from these kids. They show me everyday what a blessing they are and how they can fill our lives with happiness and I can’t imagine losing a child to such a terrible accident.”