WATCH: How to Fold a Napkin for Your Next Party


Throwing an elegant party doesn’t have to be daunting. When it comes to holiday decorating decadence, the devil’s in the details.

Whether you’re sitting down to a five course meal, or your guests are grabbing a roll of silverware to snack, wrapping everything neatly in a beautifully rolled cloth napkin is not only efficient, but also supremely glamorous.folded napkins 1

Even if you’re not having a fancy dinner party, every hostess should have a few cool napkin folds she can pull out of her pocket at a moment’s notice–at least we think they’re pretty cool.

This step-by-step tutorial easily explains how to fold a napkin for even the most fumbling handed hostess.

Of course any or all of the inserted holiday garnish can be replaced giving changing seasons and holidays. You can also take what you’ve learned into the other many occasions that will grace you throughout the year.

Baby showers could be decorated with pink or blue flowers or a rattle,  book club dinner could have a beautiful bookmark tucked inside, or a romantic dinner could offer a flower gently hidden in the folds.

The options are endless, but beautifully creative.

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