7 Simple Ways to Make Your Living Room More Relaxing


The living room is the most important room in your house: it’s where you come together to eat, relax, and spend time with friends and family. But so often, because it’s the focal point of the home, your living room can feel anything but lived in. Here are some ways to turn your lounge into a space that represents the heart of your home.

Colour up

You might want to keep such an integral space as blank and neutral as possible, but your living room will feel much more welcoming if you use warm, comforting hues or add some personality with a feature wall. Browns, golds and reds add richness and warmth, and bright, rainbow hues can make for an artistic, creative space. If you don’t like the commitment of paint, go crazy with colourful accessories instead!

Snuggle down

For cold winter nights in front of the TV, or for sunny mornings with a book and a coffee, or just for when you just need to stretch out and nap, you need a throw to hand. Buy three or four, and leave these folded on the arms of your furniture or stowed in a blanket box for when you need them. You’ll find you need them a lot more than you’d think.

Scatter cushions

You could have the most elegant sofa in the world, but if you can’t get comfortable on it, what’s the point? It’s time to accessorize for comfort. Don’t try to get overly matched accessories for your sofa , as long as your cushions and pillows share the same colour palette, it will look good. And of course, the more you pile on, the better.

Plant ideas

To enhance the ambience of your living space, add a few tastefully selected plants. They will purify the air, add a splash of colour and can even boost your mood. Ivy is a beautiful but unintrusive plant to have tumbling from a jardinière, and can add a touch of classical elegance to any living space.

Let in the light

The simplest way to add depth, warmth and ambience to your living space is with some strategic lighting. During the day, make the most of your natural light by moving any furniture that might be blocking it from the window, and positioning mirrors to give the illusion of an airy, bright space. At night, augment your main lighting source with some fun fairy lights, candles and lamps to keep the shadows at bay.


Fill your living room with welcoming scents and you’ll want to spend more time there. Bouquets of freshly-cut flowers, essential oil diffusers and plug in air fresheners are all great, but you also have to air out your room, every day, to keep it smelling fresh.

Scale it up

Aquariums make a wonderful, relaxing feature of any room, and a well-tended fish tank will bring you hours of fish-watching fun. Whether you only have room for a humble goldfish bowl, or a colossal, tropical aquarium, it’s an alternative way to bring the life back into your living space.

Following just a couple of these tips will breathe life into your living room, so what are you waiting for?

Image by Emily May used under the Creative Commons license.

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