The power of handwritten notes

How to Write Handwritten Notes in the Digital Age


Yes, it is the digital age – but according to New York Times #1 Best Selling business author Harvey Mackay, “Low-tech, handwritten notes are never out of date.”

In fact, he asserts that personalized gestures in the form of a card, letter or quick note make a gigantic impact on their recipients. So much so that your handwriting and willingness to connect can make your business thrive.

The Benefit of Handwritten Communications

  • Tangible, hand written notes or letters drafted with good ole’ fashioned ink are a rarity in today’s world. Your business contact, client or potential sale instantly knows that you genuinely care.
  • Beautifully branded notes, cards and letters are often put aside and held for days, months and even years, while e-mails get lost in the inbox vortex.

Tips for Selecting Winning Stationary

1. Paper Quality is King

Think back to a moment in time in which you were handed a unique, high-quality business card versus a flimsy version. Something within your psyche decided it was a crime to throw it away – so you held onto it, and maybe to this day it’s still in your drawer or┬áRolodex.

When selecting paper quality, dare to make an investment into unique, high-quality paper stock. A growing trend for brands and consultants is textured, vintage and/or embroidered paper. Make it darned hard for your contacts to part with your materials.

2. Fabulous Design Tells a Compelling Story

Ready-made stationary templates are old news and overused. Make your brand stands out with original art or a unique logo.

You can either go with an established design firm (if you have the budget), contact your nearest art college to employ a budding artist to dream up something original, or utilize an online service such as (logo design for only $299).

The adage “image is everything” will never become obsolete – make every effort to make an impact.

3.  Details Make an Instant Impression

Beyond paper stock and stationary design, there are other details to consider. For instance, chic envelopes, envelope liners and mailing labels, can add a wow factor to your messaging.

Wondering where to start the process? A great place to begin is to browse the Internet, visit stationary stores in person and study the notes and cards you have collected over time. A great online resource with numerous, unique designs is Etsy – their individual artists make their masterpieces available to the world.

Above all else, have fun with the process and dare to be bold!