Kanye and Kim Hire an 850k Body Double for Baby North


Rapper Kanye West and Keeping up with the Kardashian’s reality star, Kim Kardashian’s baby, North, just celebrated her first birthday this past June with a huge party that cost the couple thousands of dollars.

But the lavish spending on the infant does not stop there. The celebrity parents have allegedly hired a baby body double meant to mislead paparazzi and protect the baby’s privacy. The cost is said to be around $850,000 dollars per year.

Auditions for North look-a-likes were held at a specialist agency in Los Angeles last week. A body double for the nanny was also hired as a decoy to throw off the paparazzi even more.

As one of the hottest celebrity couples out there, everyone has got their eyes on “Kimye” and baby North, meaning there is a high demand for photographs of the family.

We guess privacy comes at a price, and in this case that price is close to a million dollars a year.