The Rose Hip Seed Oil Dream Team: M. Steves’ Exfoliator and Boost


For me the confounding thing about skin care products has always been trying to figure out just which one is right for my skin at any given time. Generally, I have oily skin, but during the winter months my face tends to dry out in certain areas and look dull. My skin’s also pretty hardy, but it sometimes goes through bouts of sensitivity. And while I don’t have as much of a breakout problem as I used to as a teen, I still get a few spots here and there, only now there’s a new issue of lines and wrinkles that are creeping up.

So what do I buy? A product for oily skin? Combination? Anti-aging or one that fights acne problems too? What if my skin decides to have a sensitive day? Do I just go out with red, itchy skin? It has happened before.

At the end of the day, I just want skin that feels and looks healthy and I want it in as few steps and products as possible. That’s why I love all-in-one products that address a variety of needs and can be customized and used in different ways for all of my skin’s varying and ever-changing needs.

M. Steves Rose Hip Seed Oil Line – What is It?

Mally Steves Chakola created a line of products powered by Rose Hip Seed Oil (RHSO) — an ingredient packed with skin-benefiting fatty acids including Linolenic and Oleic Acids (Omegas 3, 6, and 9), and free-radical busting antioxidants. It has been shown in a variety of reports to result in noticeably reduced fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin, scarring, stretch marks, UV damage, skin burns, and improved skin tone and texture.

I was recently given two of these products to try: The Reviving Exfoliator, appropriately marketed as a “facial in a jar” — containing RHSO, microdermabrasion crystals, walnut shell powder, glycolic acid, fruit enzymes and dead sea mud — and the Ultra Nourishing Boost, a highly concentrated RHSO dry oil that’s rife with anti-aging and skin rejuvenating properties.

Initial Thoughts

Because of the oily nature of my skin, my initial reaction to anything with oil is to stay away from it, so I was admittedly a little apprehensive about trying these products at first. But due to the recent cold weather, my skin’s been partly dry and even in areas where that’s not the case, I figured the dead-sea mud in the exfoliator would be enough to sop up any excess oil. So I gave it a whirl.

My Experience

The exfoliator delivers instant results. It dissolves and sloughs off dead skin cells for a dramatic difference in the look and feel of my skin each time I use it and it’s noticeable as soon as I wash it off. After only my very first use, I received a couple of compliments at work about my skin’s smoother appearance.

And even though this is powerful stuff, which can lead to skin sensitivity, it can be used either as a scrub or just a mask for a less abrasive experience.

The nourishing boost is where all the customizing magic comes in. Because I was worried about the exfoliator being too strong, I added a couple of drops of the boost to dilute it for the first few uses, which lent it a creamier consistency.

And because I don’t need extra hydration all over my skin, I can either dab the boost on dry areas, or add a little to my regular face lotion for the perfect amount of moisture just where I need it.

And the best part is that it leaves a silky feel — not one that’s slick or greasy.

Word of Advice

Be aware these are intensely powerful products, so make sure to start off slow and experiment to find out what level and amount is right for your skin.

Best Use

Although frequent use will likely bring long-lasting results, I also recommend this as your star team for a special occasion. Use it the night before a date or outing for instantly smoother, brighter and revived skin.