Man Arrested for $56,000 in Unpaid Tolls


When police officers in The Colony, Texas, pulled over Robert Dupree on Tuesday for failing to signal while driving, they assumed it would be grounds for a generic ticket.

Boy, were they thinking too small.

Upon running Dupree’s license, law enforcement discovered that he owed more than $56,000 in unpaid tolls!

For those who don’t know, when on a toll road you need to stop and pay. There was a time where that meant stopping at a booth and handing over some cash and coin to the attendant, but now electronic transponders do most of the work, pinging the sensor and automatically deducting the toll from an online account. If you don’t have a transponder and don’t pay at a booth, a camera snaps a photo of you and your license plate, and a bill gets sent to the house.

According to local transportation authorities, for Dupree to have racked up that kind of bill, he would have had to flown through the toll stations multiple times, and then ignored the hundreds of notices mailed to his house.

Did he get those notices? Did he simply ignore them? And what happened after the arrest? Check out the video above for all the important answers.