man sues british airways

Man Sues British Airways for Flying Him to the Wrong Country


Edward Gamson, an American dentist, booked a trip for he and his partner to the Spanish city of Granada through British Airways. However, while on the flight from London to their vacation destination, he noticed on the plane’s electronic map that their two-hour journey had suddenly become a nine-hour one.

That’s because they weren’t headed to Granada — they were actually headed to Grenada in the Caribbean, 4,000 miles away from their intended destination.

Gamson claims he brought this news to the attention of the flight staff, and they supposedly told the couple that they would be put on a return trip to their desired destination as soon as they landed. But that return trip took three days, with no trip to Granada and no refunds for their first-class tickets that cost $4,500.

Two lessons here:

  1. Money doesn’t always give you special privileges
  2. Check the spelling of your travel destination before boarding a flight.

As a result of this ordeal, Gamson is suing British Airways for $34,000 in damages. Gramson told The Independent:

I have a lifelong interest in Islamic art. I’m also of Spanish Jewish heritage so it was something I had always wanted to do to visit Granada and the Alhambra. I made it absolutely clear to the booking agent I wanted to go to Granada in Spain. Why on earth would I want to go to Grenada in the Caribbean if I was flying back to America from Lisbon?

It’s just so sad. A trip we had been really looking forward to was ruined and … BA won’t do the decent thing.

The mix-up came allegedly came from British Airline’s U.S. booking agents in Florida; the electronic tickets only had the word “Grenada” on them, but no airport code, destination country or flight duration.

Interestingly, this is not the first time this has occurred. A week earlier, Lamenda Kingdon, 62, from Plymouth, Devon, found herself in Grenada when she had instead booked a trip to Spain. In this case, her tickets were booked with Avios, the “Air Miles” company British Airways’ parent company, International Airlines Group, owns. They reimbursed her, but British Airways itself is holding firm with Gamson.