Mom Saves Daughter from Drug Life Using Smartphone Spyware


When it comes to protecting your children, parents have a lot to worry about — especially when it comes to smartphones. There are predators masquerading as young people online, or bad apples who can influence your child in the wrong way. Even if you have a great kid, they can make innocent mistakes, like sending their friends questionable photos that may haunt them forever.

Kristin Stetz was one such mother. She’d noticed a change in her daughter Elizabeth’s behavior, and her intuition knew something was wrong, but no amount of questioning could get to the truth. Desperate, she turned to a sophisticated phone monitoring program called TeenSafe, used it on her daughter’s phone, and made a startling discovery: Elizabeth wasn’t just using drugs, she had started dealing them as well.

Smartphone spyware has been around for a while, and some phone companies offer limited monitoring of their own. But what sets TeenSafe apart is that it allowed Kristin to read Elizabeth’s DELETED texts. It’s also the only phone monitoring software that works on an iPhone without jailbreaking the device, which can damage it and invalidate the Apple warranty.

The video above tells the rest of their story — and Kristin admits that some of it was tough-going, but as a mother she couldn’t give up on Elizabeth, and was ready to use whatever means necessary to help her daughter thrive in a positive way. The first section covers predator information in general, then gets into the mother / daughter story around 1 minute in. Check it out to see the happy ending.

Along with deleted and current texts, TeenSafe mobile monitoring allows you to view phone call logs, phone contacts and web browsing history, as well as Instagram and WhatsApp activity, and more. It’s available on iPhone and Android phones. It works as an app for Android phones, and for iPhones you don’t even need your child’s phone, just their Apple ID and login. You can learn more about TeenSafe here.

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