Review: Nelson J Beverly Hills Argan Oil 7 Moisture Healing Shampoo and Mask


To say my hair was fried after I impulsively colored and then straightened it with a flat iron, would be somewhat of an understatement.

I have curly hair, which means my strands tend to be naturally dry as they are. So when I used harsh chemicals to strip out my hair’s dark color and then applied 350 degree heat to it recently, the result was far from what I was initially going for.

Instead of sleek and glam, I ended up with limp, dry, sad hair. The kind that sends you into panic mode because you’re sure you’ve pushed your luck and this is the day when all your hair is going to fall out.

Luckily for me, this time around I had a couple of products sitting in my shower that gave my hair (and me) one more chance to get it right.


Nelson J Beverly Hills hair care products are based on the philosophy that “beauty should be simple.” That’s why the products in their Argan Oil 7 Healthy Hair System line are made to multi-task by providing several benefits in the least amount of steps. Their Moisture Healing Shampoo and mask make a great combo to not only thoroughly cleanse your locks but also protect and repair hair that has been weakened or damaged by color, chemical processing or heat styling.


Usually after committing this level of damage to my hair, I try to make up for it by keeping any additional chemicals away from it for at least a few days. This means no styling products, no sprays, not even shampoos. The most I’ll use is a conditioner.

However, with the Moisture Healing Shampoo I don’t have the usual worry of exposing my hair to the drying agents found in most shampoos. The formula is made to fortify and strengthen damaged hair. It gently cleanses and penetrates your strands with antioxidant-rich argan oil, which is known to leave hair silky and smooth without weighing it down. Additional nutrients and proteins such as keratin, one of your hair’s building blocks, further aid in repairing the hair. So not only was I able to use this shampoo without worrying about causing more damage, but I did so feeling like it was going to reverse some of the harm I had already caused.

While the shampoo is great, it’s the healing mask that was my saving grace.  It’s a 100% Argan Oil-derived moisturizing treatment that you can leave in your hair for one to five minutes while it goes to work to seriously reform your frazzled strands. I loved how little I actually needed to coat my strands, but just for good measure I covered the tips with a little extra.

I repeated this process two days in a row and what usually takes a couple of weeks, tons of leave-in conditioner, a few homemade concoctions and a prayer here or there was done in a fraction of the time.

Bottom Line

I’m not recommending you treat your hair with reckless abandon like I tend to do every time the season changes. However, if you find your locks are feeling dry or damaged and with more split ends than usual, this combo can turn things around in no time at all.

To learn more about the Nelson J Argan Oil 7 line, including other products, check out the website by clicking here.