No More Onesies: The Best Baby Shower Gifts


Baby showers are a joyous occasion for expectant mothers, her friends, and family members. It’s a time to swap mommy tips and stories, play baby-themed games, and of course to prepare the to-be mom for the baby’s arrival with gifts and goodies.

The next time you go to a baby shower skip the onesies and rattle toys, and instead consider these best baby shower gifts.

Diapers and Wipes
While everyone else will be oohing-and-ahhing over the cute clothes the others gift, you can be sure diapers and wipes are what mom and dad will truly appreciate once the baby is born. You can never have enough of these essential items, and buying pack after pack can add up to a lot of expense. So help the new parents out and give them something they’ll really use. Just be sure to buy larger sizes as well since newborns grow quickly and won’t be able to fit the small sizes for long.

Baby Monitor
If she is a first-time mom, give her the gift of reassurance with a baby monitor. These gadgets come with voice and video monitors to put nervous parents at ease and help them watch over their little one and still be able to move around the house or sleep with a little less worry.

Bouncy Seat
When the parents need a few minutes to put together dinner or throw the clothes in the wash, they can strap baby into a bouncy seat to keep him entertained and safe. Bonus points if you get a battery powered model that produces a more rhythmic and enjoyable bounce!

Gift Certificates
If you think giving gift certificates are in bad form or impersonal, think again. Having a baby can be pricey, and if mom and dad are a little short on money, they’ll appreciate having a gift certificate to a store that carries baby items to help them out.

Books and Educational Items
Children will eventually grow out of the clothes and strollers but education lasts a lifetime. Give the little Einstein a boost by buying baby books that mom and dad can read to her. Interactive books with buttons and sounds always make for a great learning experience too.

Something from the heart
Handmade hats and blankies are always encouraged. Something with meaning is worth a lot more than a generic version you can buy from any store. Moms and dads will cherish these items for years to come.

Don’t forget the parents
Most baby shower gifts are centered on getting items for the baby, but don’t forget the parents. Give them a well-deserved break with a spa day or a date night coupon while you volunteer to look after the baby or set up other arrangements.