Heroic Sisters Save Students From Burning Bus


The bus was just about ready to go up in flames, possibly swallowing up everyone inside, schoolchildren and all.

Thanks to two heroic sisters, however, there were no casualties in the potentially fatal school bus fire.

Mississippi sisters Bettye and Beth Windom were following driving shortly behind a Claiborne County school when they saw black smoke rising from the vehicle in front of them.

“We saw the school bus and it was smoking real bad,” Bettye Windom said. “We knew we had to get those kids out of the bus.”

Frantic, they tried to signal to the bus driver to stop, but it was no use trying to get the driver’s attention. Eventually, they pulled their car in front of the bus, forcing it to stop. And not a moment too soon! The bus was reportedly engulfed in flames just as the driver and students got out of the bus.

None of the students, who were on the way home from taking a state test, were seriously injured. Well, one girl hurt her shoulder getting off the bus, but that hardly counts considering what might have happened if the Windoms didn’t intervene.

“It took three minutes after we got everyone out for the bus to burn down,” Windom, 24, told Yahoo’s Good News blog.

To top it all off, Windom had just purchased her car days before, but she didn’t hesitate to put it in serious jeopardy to stop the bus. Because of their selfless actions, the sisters likely saved the lives of more than two dozen people.