Somali Woman Killed For Refusing To Wear Veil


A Muslim woman in a southern Somali town was shot dead because she did not wear a veil, the BBC reports.  A group of militant gunmen ordered Ruqiya Farah Yarow to put on a veil and left her. When they returned and found her still not wearing it, the gunmen shot her twice point blank.

Her relatives say she died instantly. She is survived by a husband and children.

Militant group Al-Shabab is claiming no responsibility for the slaying that took place outside Yarow’s hut.

The Al-Qaeda-affiliated Al-Shabab partially controls the area in Somalia where the incident occurred. They enforce strict rules of behavior and dress codes. It is possible that a rogue faction of the group is responsible for Yarow’s murder.

Muslim scholar Dr. Wael Shihab, who has a doctorate in Islamic Studies from Al-Azhar University, spoke with about the Islamic principles that guide head-wear for women in relation to the incident.

“While wearing Hijab is an Islamic obligation that Muslim women should commit to in submission to Allah’s command for Muslim females […] Islam never set the death sentence as a punishment for not wearing Hijab in public.”

Shihab also said that the enforcement of legal punishment by individuals can only lead to chaos.