WATCH: Son Helps Frail, Eldery Father Catch One Last Fish


Fishing is one of the most common bonding activities between young boys and their fathers. From teaching their sons how to select bait, to setting the drag and hook, to reeling the fish in and more, it’s a special activity that millions of dads have enjoyed with their young ones for generations.

The video above shows a son enjoying the sport with his father, but instead of the dad helping the kid, it’s the other way around. You’ll see the kids is a fully grown adult and the dad is a frail, elderly man. He’s too weak to stand on his own, but with his boy by his side he’s able to relive the glory of reeling in a huge catch one last time.

The look of pride and excitement on his face is priceless.

Check it out for yourself. This is a video that’ll make you cry for sure.