WATCH: Strangers Unite to Stop the Eviction of an Elderly Cancer Patient


When Tom Crawford, a retired 63-year-old father and cancer patient, faced eviction he probably didn’t expect a community of complete strangers to come to his aid. But when he posted an appeal for help on YouTube, over 200 strangers united to stop the eviction.

The Mirror reports that people traveled over 200 miles from all over the UK, including Wales and Newcastle, to join the non-violent protest. The swarm of supporters formed a peaceful mob on his quiet street in Nottingham, United Kingdom. So great they were in number that the group completely blocked bailiffs from removing Tom from his home of 25 years. The bailiffs found they couldn’t get past the crowd, and left.

He’d promised a “lovely cup of tea” in his appeal to those anyone who would join him in the eviction, but definitely didn’t anticipate such a response.

“It’s really overwhelming and I really didn’t expect it,” said Tom.

He raised three children in the home over the last two and a half decades, but a mortgage dispute now clouds a place that should hold many happy memories.

Tom says his mortgage has been paid in full, but his bank claims to have no record of the endowment mortgage he and his wife took out in 1988. So instead of claiming ownership of the property after years of monthly mortgage payments, they now battle the demands of the bank for continued payment.

In addition to the legal battle that has gone on for five years now, he has been faced with a cancer diagnosis and financial struggles to cover the related medical and surgical costs.

Watch the short clip above to see raw footage of just some of the people who peacefully prevented Tom and his family’s eviction.