Need Help Keeping Your Fitness Resolutions? These Four Products Will Help


Wanting to get in shape is one thing but figuring out the best way to do it is another. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top health and fitness products to help you stay on track in 2014!

runtastic libra scale

Runtastic LIBRA Scale While exercise is a main component of getting in shape, it’s only half the battle. Monitoring your health is equally important! That’s why the Runtastic LIBRA scale is the perfect way to measure more than just weight – you can also track your body fat, goals, muscle mass, Body Mass Index, body water content, calorie calculation, and bone mass. The data then syncs wirelessly to a free app on your iOS device and to so you can monitor and track your progress throughout the year.

Zumba Products

Zumba® Fitness Incredible ResultsNot ready to squeeze into spandex and face all of the people at the gym? No problem! As Zumba says, “exercise in disguise” and workout at home with Zumba’s new DVD set. Start out slow with 20-minute express workouts or maximize caloric expenditure with fat burning cardio bursts. Whether your New Year’s resolution is weight loss, muscle toning or body shaping, the infectious choreography and heart-pumping music will push you farther than you made it in 2013! The DVDs are easy-to-follow, more fun than ever before, and you’ll see rapid results.

Cybex Arc Trainer
Cybex Arc TrainerIf you’re thinking “no way am I dancing” and want to head straight to the gym to show off the body you worked so hard for in 2013, check out the Cybex Arc Trainer – it burns more calories than the elliptical in half the time! Don’t believe us? It’s been scientifically proven that the Arc Trainer allows users to burn 16% more calories than the elliptical. It’s also designed to reduce the chance of strain or injury to the knee while boosting overall strength, power and endurance. That’s why it’s the secret weapon to some of Hollywood’s fittest stars ranging from Stacy Keibler to Charlize Theron!

Samsung Gear

Samsung Galaxy GearKeeping track of your daily movement is as easy as sporting a wearable on your wrist! The Samsung Galaxy Gear has a built-in pedometer that tracks each of your steps. Wondering why that matters? Walking is actually one of the easiest ways to exercise. Using a pedometer allows you to track how far you go each day so you can monitor your progress and go farther each week! All your data then automatically syncs to Samsung’s S Health, making it easier than ever before to keep track of your New Year’s resolutions.