Things to Do in Seattle

5 Top Things to Do in Seattle Before You Die


Seattle happens to be one of the most beautiful and amazing cities in the U.S. — so if you’re not sure whether or not you should make the trek, we definitely recommend it.

When you arrive in the “Emerald City,” you’ll quickly notice that it is surrounded by beautiful waters. The city is perfectly situated between Puget sound and Lake Washington, just 100 miles south of Canada. Seattle is the 8th largest port in the U.S. and is a massive gateway for Asian trade.

space needleIt’s safe to say there is tons to do in Seattle and its surrounding area. You can enjoy all sorts of amazing food, concerts, art, and outdoor activities. To make your life easier, we’ve rounded up five things you must do in Seattle:

1. Check out the Space Needle

Until you get up to its observation deck situated at 520 feet above the ground, you can’t really appreciate Seattle’s full beauty. You’ll be able to take in Elliot Bay, Downtown Seattle, the Cascades, and Mt. Rainier in the distance. The Space Needle is also an excellent dinner spot Monday through Sunday from 5-9pm.

ride the ducks tour2. Ride the Ducks Tour

The Ride the Ducks tour is one of the best ways to get a feel for all Seattle has to offer. You’ll be whisked away in  World War II amphibious landing craft that magically transforms from an open-air tour bus to a boat.

The tour is 90 minutes total, with one hour spent roaming around the streets of Seattle and 30 minutes trolling Lake Union. One of the best moments of the tour is getting up-close and personal with Seattle’s floating homes that were featured in the movie “Sleepless in Seattle.”

Throwing Fish in Seattle3. Pike Place Market & Fish Throwing

Pikes Place Market was established in 1907 and sits on a prime piece of real-estate overlooking the Elliot Bay. There are more than 200 small shops featuring the products of fishmongers, farmers, cheese artisans, winemakers, artists, florists, and more. It’s easy to spend hours roaming around the market!

You’ll definitely want to check out City Fish Company and its flying fish. City Fish team members do more than prep fish for sale — they put on an unforgettable show. Get your camera ready for some entertaining shots!

Also, across from the fish market is the very first Starbucks. There is usually a huge line to get in, so you may want to get there when it opens.

4. Boeing Space & Flight Center

If you’re fascinated by the history of flight, you’ll love the Boeing Space & Flight Center. We recommend taking the Boeing Tour, which is the only public tour of commercial jet assembly in the country.

5. Olympic Sculpture Park

This beautiful sculpture garden spans 9 acres and features amazing artwork. Pack a picnic and gear up for an inspired walkabout. Alexander Calder’s “Eagle” sculpture is one of the premiere sculptures, featuring six tons of red-painted steel. Its beauty is awe-inspiring!