Tourists Claim Proof of Ghostly Figure on Alcatraz


Are there ghosts on Alcatraz Island in the San Francisco bay?

Some people believe so, and there are numerous websites and articles dedicated to the mystery. There is supposed to be a lot of activity in the Utility Corridor where three convicts were gunned down, and later in 1976 a security guard reported hearing eerie sounds. In Cell 14D, visitors and employees have all reported feeling coldness and eerie sensations here, and visitors to cell blocks  A, B, and C have all claimed to hear moaning and crying.

The one thing missing? Hard proof — at least, until now.

Sheila Sillery-Walsh, visiting San Francisco from Birmingham, England, captured a strange imagine on her iPhone while touring the former prison. According to the Daily Mail, “‘Whilst doing an audio-tour of the place, I casually stopped to take a snap of the empty visitation block window on my iPhone,” Sillery-Walsh recalls. “When I glanced at the photo on my mobile, I saw this dark female figure in the picture. I looked at the window again and there was no-one in the room. I knew straight away that the woman in the photo was a ghost and showed the snap to Paul.”

“Paul” is Paul Rice, her partner, and he claims to have no other explanation for why a girl would be in the photo. “I do think that the woman in the photo is a ghost,” he said.

Check out the video report above to see if you agree.