Off the Wall: 3 Incredibly Easy DIY Wall Art Ideas


Wall art is all about personal expression. We all want to grace our home with items, paintings, and images that say something about us. But if you aren’t exactly handy with a paint brush, it can be difficult to create a unique piece to display.

There’s always the option of buying prints or some other form of art at the store or online, but you run the risk of getting the same mass produced item your neighbor has or laying down a ton of cash for a one-of-a-kind piece. Even then, it’s not really your creativity that’s showing through; it’s someone else’s work.

Luckily, we found three wall art ideas that don’t require you to have an art degree, but still allow your creative juices to flow. With the following pieces you can transform things you either already have in your house or hunt them down in a store and add your own personal spin to them. Either way, the result will be unique to you and totally worth showing off.

1. Scarf Wall Art

Iron a scarf that looks like a piece of art and hang it up on your wall. Whether you frame it or not is up to you. Check out the following examples for inspiration.

ScarfDesign Sponge

2. Fabric Covered Panels

Visit your local fabric store and pick out a few complementary pieces of fabric, like in the example below. You can also choose bright and bold prints, depending on where you want to put the statement piece. Wrap the fabric taut around either wood or stryrofoam insulation panels and staple them in the back.

Attach hanging hardware in the back to set it up on your wall.

fabric_500X533Imperfect Homemaking

3. Shoe Box Art

If you’re a shoe lover, you’ll flip for these ideas as they give you the perfect excuse to buy more shoes!

Spray paint the outside of a sturdy shoe box and use couple of a standard nails to hang it up on the wall. Once it is hanging, apply glue to the backside of a decorative sheet of paper and attach it to the inside. Do this step after the box is hanging in order to conceal the nail.

Place lightweight items such as vases or trinkets inside!

Show_Box_500Crème de la Craft

Make use of the shoe box lid as well. Apply painter’s tape vertically to make a chevron pattern. Spray paint the lid in whatever colors you prefer. Once the paint is dry, remove the tape and hang up the lids, like in the example below.