WATCH: One Israeli Woman’s Moving Firsthand Account of the Gaza Violence


For all the disconnected new stories we read about the violent conflict in Gaza, they’re nothing when compared to a first person account that can show what the violence means to real humans caught in the crossfire.

In the above video, 27 year-old Israeli Dana gives her account of Gaza violence and its continual escalation currently going on where she lives, on the Gaza border in Israel. She relives and recounts the nightly bombings, the Hamas terrorists, and the tragic deaths constantly occurring on both sides of the conflict.

Her compassion for both sides is truly touching, and flies in the face of common conceptions of the bitter fighting. Many citizens, on either side, are likely in the same boat as Dana — more concerned for the lives of her fellow humans than she is with the petty political conflict causing the whole thing.

Be warned; this one is a real tearjerker, particularly when Dana herself gets choked up just remembering the horrible things she’s witnessed.

The video comes courtesy of the Washington Free Beacon and Dana’s personal YouTube channel. It’s a bit of a long one, running just under ten minutes, but if you need any more convincing to watch, we’ll leave you with a brief quote from the video:

I don’t expect you to now change your mind, and be pro-Israeli or whatever, I just want you to take a second and try to think outside of the box. Try to think outside of what the media is feeding you because the media always picks a side.