Window Washers Dressed as Superheroes Surprise Children at NY Hospital


The children residing at a New York hospital got a welcome surprise on Wednesday when their favorite superheroes arrived outside their rooms to begin washing windows — heroically, of course.

The superheroes were window-washers who simply decided to brighten the days of children currently living at the New York Presbyterian/Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital

Two of the window washers dressed as superheroes even took a brief break from their duties to fist bump a delighted child dressed in a hospital gown.

The above video shows some of the children enjoying the unexpected appearances of heroes like Superman, Batman, two Power Rangers, Spider-man, and Captain America. One of the children even let loose some infectious giggling as Spider-man made silly faces at him through the glass.

The hospital’s staff also donned superhero costumes and cheered on the window washers from the sidewalks.