Woman Speaks Out Against Domestic Violence on Social Media


Angela Brower stayed in a horribly abusive relationship for some time, suffering a broken nose, broken facial bone, and many bruises at her boyfriend’s hands. Now, she’s posted pictures of her abuse to Facebook, trying to¬†help other victims of domestic abuse.

Now, her ex-boyfriend Walter Bradley is in a Tennessee jail facing assault charges, but Brower says their relationship seemed picture-perfect at the beginning. As the love-at-first-sight feeling evaporated though, Bradley beat her on three separate occasions.

“(He) put my face through a wall … choked me until I was almost unconscious,” she¬†recounted.

Each time, Brower took pictures of herself after the abuse. Now that they’ve broken up, she posted the pictures to Facebook for all to see and speaking against domestic violence in no uncertain terms.

Having escaped the relationship, she’s now seeking out others who feel trapped in abusive relationship and trying to help them. She’s even working with a few friends to open a stand-alone center to help domestic abuse victims in her native Tipton County.

For more information on the brave woman, watch the video above.