Woman Recovers Wedding Gown Lost in Hurricane Sandy


She danced in the gown on her wedding night, but it wasn’t long before it was washed away by Hurricane Sandy forever. Or so she thought.

Nicole Pagliaro of Staten Island in New York rediscovered her long lost white chiffon wedding dress nearly two years after it was supposedly destroyed in the recent hurricane that ravaged New York City.

“I never thought I’d see the dress again,” said Pagliaro.

After her wedding ceremony on July 29 of 2014, Pagliaro took the dress to a Sand Lane dry cleaner. Shortly thereafter, the entire dry cleaner was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy with the dress still among the inventory. Naturally, Pagliaro figured her wedding dress was gone forever.

The rediscovery came just in time for the Pagliaros’ second wedding anniversary. The pair of them spotted the dress in the window of the reopened Staten Island dry cleaner while driving by. With the approval of the store’s owner, she reclaimed her beloved dress.

The owner, Hector Pacheco, reportedly found the dress floating in the water at the back of his destroyed shop. Since all his computer records were destroyed too, he was unable to track down the owner.

Pagliaro had it dry cleaned one last time, and locked it in a box for safe keeping. She hopes someday to pass the dress onto her daughter, Mia Grace who is currently 18 months old, so she might get married in it too.