You Won’t Believe What This Woman was Fired For


A Kentucky woman is suing US Bank after being fired for her job as a teller. The reason for her termination? She said, on several occasions, “have a blessed day” to customers.

Polly Neace adopted the saying several years ago after hearing it from a patron of US Bank, saying she liked it so much that she began using it on a day-to-day basis, both at work and outside of it.

It turns out, not all the customers appreciated the Christian message of her pleasantry. In fact, many of them complained, the first incident taking place in March of 2011.

US Bank eventually wrote up a Code of Ethics violation stating that the complaints didn’t stop there, eventually resulting in Neace’s termination. She had been employed at US Bank for 24 years.

Her lawsuit is on the grounds that she was fired because of her religious beliefs.